It has never been impossible to teach an old dog new tricks, nor has it ever been impossible for anyone to change their life just by simply choosing too.

There are many ways that we can make changes in our lives.  Learning new skills, making small changes to our routines, or making choices to find new things we want to experience.

We can also make the choice to completely overhaul the way we view the world.  Take a step back from what we are, and choose to start being who we really want to be.  It’s all a matter of choice, and reconditioning yourself to understand that you can truly be anything you want.  In order to do that though, you have to know yourself, not how you view yourself in the eyes of others, really know who you are and make the choices to become what you want for you and you alone.

Our minds are conditioned to believe certain things,

To strive for more, but find expected endings.

Taught to understand that there is plenty out there,

But unless we exhaust ourselves, life isn’t fair.

We’re taunted with the extravagance that exists all around.

Told that to all of these things, anyone can be bound.

Lied to, that those things bring us all happiness,

When in reality, they drag us toward nothingness.

Recondition yourself from what you’re told makes you rich.

Find what brings you joy, what pushes your on switch.

Unlearn the fears you’ve had forced on you.

Teach yourself about life, gain insight anew.

It’s a matter of reconditioning yourself from what you’ve been taught.

What you really want is out there, and it’s more than what you thought.