In my day-to-day, I have the little felt luxury of escaping the city for the feel of the surrounding countryside.  I take in scenic drives, stop by a lake or river to enjoy the view, slow to watch the wildlife along the side of the road or out in open farm fields.  It’s a nice feeling on those days I need to escape the tight confines of city life.

The problem with it is that it makes me wish I didn’t have to return to that feeling of being closed in that I find back in my little city apartment.  I get restless, creating reasons for myself to stay out in that open space that calls for me when I’m not in it.

There will come a day when I don’t turn around and return to the lights and sounds that close me in.  A day when I stay out where I know I belong, but until that day comes I will still find reasons and answer the need to get away.

Every day I still get away,

To a place where the trees always sway.

The breeze always blows through the boughs of the pines,

Flowing past them all standing in their lines.

I still find a way to escape out there.

Each day discovering a place, I am free from care.

Whether I drive or walk, or just close my eyes,

Just within reach that place always lies.

A place I can run and feel so wild and free,

Surrounded by the things that make me feel like me.

Standing in the shadows of untouched forest,

Or soaking up the sunlight, is where I find rest.

Finding my way there whenever I choose,

A part of me it is, that I’ll never lose.