There’s danger with looking back on the past.  Danger with getting caught up in the mistakes.  Danger with finding a feeling of regret.

All that is left behind, always will be behind us.  It never has to define our lives.  It never has any more hold on us then we allow it to have.

So, with looking back, with all that reflection on something you wish you never had to experience, there is one important lesson you can learn.  No matter what it is you found in the past, any years, days, or moments you missed, you don’t have to miss any of them ever again.  You can choose to live for the things you always wanted to live for, and now that you know what was bad for you, you can teach yourself to recognize it and avoid it.

You can choose to question the past, or you can choose to learn from it.  The choice is always yours.

What could have been in those missed years?

Things that may have come if I had sooner conquered those fears.

Love I may have found, what I could have done.

If only sooner I had decided to run.

What setbacks came from those missed years?

Opportunities that were drowned in lonely shed tears.

Goals I didn’t achieve, where I could have been.

If only I didn’t leave the cruelty unseen.

What can happen with no more missed years?

There’s light again in my future it appears.

Memories I will make, the places I will go.

From now on I will always have plenty to show.

The possibilities that lie ahead, beyond these missed years.

All the time I have to make up for time that disappears.


Learn from the past to make the most of the present.  That is the reason we study history in school, to teach us to learn from the mistakes and triumphs of the past.  If we can learn from them, there is no end to the possibilities that will be ahead.