Sometimes I come across people who in the slightest ways can leave a large impression on me.  I often turn those impressions into great things in my mind, and put them to paper in a fairly imaginative way.  Emphasizing little things to make them into more for the sake of my writing.

It is rare when I see something in someone that I draw a little inspiration from that is more than just what I see with my own eyes.  A rare thing to draw on what you see in someone, what you hear in their voice, what you imagine is going through their mind.  Especially when you’re not daydreaming that it may be something else you see.

Every once in a while someone comes into your life that you can just tell is a good person.  A person who always has a kind word in their head or on their tongue, a person who knows how to care even when others cannot.  Those are the people who deserve happiness more than anyone.

There’s a certain sweetness when she speaks,

A twinkle in her eyes when her smile crosses her cheeks.

Confident in herself, but a little shy tonight,

Maybe questioning if what she sees in me is right.

It could be, like me, she doesn’t always trust what she sees.

Afraid that what’s in front of her is just an elaborate tease.

The ghosts of the past reminding her of the worst.

Enough to make her wonder if she is cursed.

With all that concern, she doesn’t hide her interest,

She has hope, and she’s willing to put it to the test.

Belief that she will find the one who treats her well.

Completely sure that she’ll be able o tell.

You can hear it in the sweetness of her voice,

Her happiness lies ahead, it’s always been her choice.