When I know life could be better, my mind starts to wander more and more.  I wander to the depths of the Canadian North.  Into the heart of the Boreal forest, the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, the depths of the great lakes and wild rivers, or the spirit of the small remote communities scattered from coast to coast.

Where my mind wanders, is to every place I’ve spent even a few hours that had that certain something that captures a little piece of my soul.  I know that each spot did, the moment I leave and start dreaming about it.

The longer I stay away from that lifestyle, the more I long for it.  The more the breeze carries my name from the distant shores of a remote northern lake, and the more I hear the subtle differences in how the birds sing.

Take me to where the sky is clear.

Where the freedom of the forest is all I hear.

Let me leave this disappointing place behind,

I’m sick to death of living life blind.

Take me to where the trees never end.

Where there’s a new adventure at each river bend.

Let me find what is in its depths.

I’m ready to get lost and never retrace my steps.

Take me to where I’m always happy alone.

Where I’m surrounded by fresh air, trees, water and stone.

Let me go forever, never to return.

I’m following my heart, to what I yearn.

Take me to the deepest greens of the forest.

There is where I long to find rest.