Often, I find myself wondering how much more of life I need to live before I find myself in a place I really want to be.  A place where I’m surrounded by nature.  Amid the trickle of flowing streams, and the roar of a fast-moving river.  Where the voices I hear are those of the birds and animals in the depths of the forest, or maybe just a few people who matter to me the most.

Every time I think about how close or far I am to living and breathing in the far reaches of the Canadian wilderness, I convince myself of one thing.  It’s just a little further.  Just around the next corner, all I have to do is take that turn.  Just out of reach, all I have to do is work for it a little harder.

A little further out from here,

A little further from the noise I hear.

Out where the air is fresh and the rivers flow.

Out where the birds sing and the trees grow.

A little further into the wilderness,

A little further away from the weariness.

Out where the leaves rustle in the breeze.

Out where the spirit lives in the trees.

A little further down the trail,

A little further from the air that’s stale.

Out where the creatures roam the land.

Out where the tallest trees and mountains stand.

A little further through life until I can be.

Out where the beauty of the forest is all I can see.