There are many reasons to get away, many reasons to disappear.  Whether it is for a day or a weekend, a week or a month, or even for the rest of your life, it all comes back to how happy you are where you are.

There are times when life just hits you so hard you need to get away from it for a little while, and then there are times where you realize that your entire life isn’t what you want and you pull up your stakes and move on.

Personally, I have had experience with both, but it has never quelled the urge I have to really truly disappear.  To go completely off the grid, in the most remote place I can find.  Never to return alive.

What I would give to just disappear.

To be somewhere where the rivers run clear.

Somewhere deep in the untamed north.

Where life is sustained by what nature brings forth.

The things I could sacrifice to be in that deep.

To be in a place where it was comfortable to sleep.

A place so remote, to everyone else you are lost.

So far away, there’s no sense of cost.

How much I would love to be so far gone.

To take in the sight of an untouched lake at dawn.

An untouched forest so far away,

Every day feels perfect, even under skies of grey.

The feeling to have all of that be near,

It would be well worth it, to just disappear.