Change is often so feared.  Worry is placed in the possibilities that come from it, the good and the bad.  Especially for those of us who have been hurt and had terrible experiences.

We worry about the little things that can happen.  We worry about falling back into something like what hurt us in the past.  We worry about everything.

It’s hard to just let go.  To accept the changes we need to accept.  To be ourselves again without the worry of repeating the mistakes of our past, but that change is still there waiting to be made.

Sometimes whether it is feared or embraced, the changes you need to make just have to be made.  A little faith needs to be put in the fact that the changes we make are the best thing for us.  That simple change may change your entire world for the better, and the sooner you make it the sooner that better future lies ahead.

A change is coming, and it’s not too distant,

For in your preparing, you’ve been persistent.

You’ve tried to live and change your life,

The final push is coming to get past your strife.

That moment of realization is not far now,

All that’s held you back you’ve gotten through somehow.

You’ve struggled and fallen back, but here you are.

Sometimes hard to believe you’ve come this far.

There is only just a little more left.

In getting over everything you are now deft.

You’ve come a long way, you’re almost there.

The life ahead is much more fair.

A change is coming, and it’s yours to make.

Opportunity is on the horizon, and it’s yours to take.