When changes start to occur in my life I tend to embrace them, looking forward to what happens next.  Unfortunately though, that sometimes leads me down a random path where I am embracing change after change trying to decide what I like best.

Instead of just resisting the urge for change and being satisfied with certain parts of my life, I chase this dream of something better.  It all just leads to this confusing existence, where my life is obscured by different choices I have been pulled toward.  Leaving even me unsure of what path I’m on anymore.

Everything is getting blurry for me suddenly,

What goes on around me happens randomly.

Difficult to keep set moving forward.

Constantly being dragged instead backward.

Losing sight of where I want to be,

Where I am headed getting harder to see.

Running low on the patience needed to get there.

Blankly staring back without a care.

Lost in this space between the past and my future.

How I get out I am no longer sure.

Failing is my desire to find the way out,

That I’ll pull it together I’m beginning to doubt.

I’m out of focus, no care, no patience.

Out of focus to maintain my failing resilience.