Everything is in flux, life constantly changes and adjusts to a different path, time constantly moves on.  This ancient Greek philosophy of Panta Rhei, interesting, but true.  The idea that everything is in a constant state of change, nothing will be the same from moment to moment.

Life is in this constant state, and the reactions you have to the change determine the flow of life.  Try and stop it and life flows on around you, try to work backwards and you get swept up in this overwhelming amount of life you need to catch up on.  If you just take it for the ride you flow through life taking nothing from its experiences and missing things that you could have found if you had only learned to steer.  Then there is the idea of steering through, making adjustments to flow toward the things you want and taking more from the experiences along the way.

If everything is always in a constant state of change, guiding yourself through the changes is the only way to experience it fully.  Yes you will make mistakes and miss things along the way, but if you adjust to the changes constantly you will learn how to navigate the mess that is life along the way.  You will find a way to find the things along the way that bring you happiness and make life more fulfilling.  If you don’t learn to navigate it, you’re waiting on the impending disaster that may lie ahead.

Everything flows toward its end,

Inevitably closer, when you can’t seem to mend.

Moving now at an uncontrollable pace,

To reach it, it now seems to be a race.

The end that draws ever more near.

Hurling toward it with unspeakable fear.

Bracing for an impact you pray not to meet,

Hoping this turbulent flow is your minds deceit.

Still rushing along to an inevitable meeting.

The opportunity for change continuously fleeting.

Counting down to what seems an impending doom.

A future you never wanted continues to loom.

Everything will flow, one way or another.

There’s the bad, but you hope fate chooses the other.