It is funny to me what people see when they look at a couple that is happy together.  Everyone judges on the external, what they see is what they assume makes things what they are.

There is so much underneath that though, that no one really sees.  No one sees the sweet things those two people do for each other behind closed doors, just what they see in public.

What gets to me the most with this, is to look at an attractive and happy person who just cannot find happiness with someone else.  They are caught up in the external, they stopped looking for the things about someone who actually brings them joy.  Instead they seek someone who is a good fit based on their appearance and what they will look like together.

In the end almost everyone begins to lose their physical appearance.  They may keep certain things that continue to make them physically attractive, but ultimately it’s the person they are underneath that keeps them attractive.  Sure, like everyone else, I seek someone I’m physically attracted to in some way, but it’s the person’s character that catches my interest and keeps me pursuing them past that initial attraction.

I may seek out a pretty face,

And will take her to every fancy place.

Looking at her smile, her eyes, her look,

Some might think that is all it ever took.

What they all miss is the way my heart stops,

Every time her laughter leads to tear drops.

The way her smile gives my world new light,

With every moment I have her in sight.

They miss when her voice soothes my misery,

Reminding me of every moment of our history.

The way her touch gets through to my soul,

With her somehow life became more whole.

Without her my life would be in tatters,

That’s how I know being with her is what really matters.