I enjoy dreaming of a place that I would rather be.  There are a lot of things that are involved in this dream, and occasionally those things change a little.

What is always consistent about this place of dream, is that I am surrounded by trees, near a lake or river (perhaps both), and feel a sense of calmness.  Nature is the most consistent thing I wish I had more of in my life, and this place of dream always takes me there.

The fresh air and clear water, the green hues of the forest, and the feeling of being alone in a place I love.  Although I am not always alone in this dream, I often am.  Out for an evening stroll, canoeing along the river at dawn, or chasing something over a hill in the heat of a summer afternoon.

Then of course there is the dream of leaving the light of the city behind, following this trail back deeper and deeper into the woods.  Where it grows darker and darker with nearly every step, until only the moon and the stars light my path.

Following along this long winding trail,

Lit only by a sliver of the moon so pale.

Losing track of what now lies behind,

Onward through the dark I wind.

Tracing along the dirt that’s lightly worn,

This path through the trees so gently torn.

Leaving the sight of the path often taken,

Toward a place where my senses awaken.

Finding serenity in a place more tranquil,

Where all is call and the world is still.

Being there is where I find my soul,

Even if only in my heart, it makes me whole.

That place of dream tucked amongst the trees,

Where what pains me, sails away on the breeze.