Some things make me feel like I age too quickly.  Missed opportunities that I now feel too old to take advantage of, or things that passed me by when I was younger and just never came back around.

Hesitation and inaction, the sins of an unaware man.  Not knowing what possibilities could have been ahead down the path I was already on, or just plain being afraid to change.  As a young man fear got the better of me more than once.

As I age I often wonder about the things that could have been.  If I had just made a change at this point of that, where I would be now instead of here.  It doesn’t deter me, and I know that there is more that lies ahead that will be much better still, but I still wonder.

In my heart she stays the same,

But she’s long gone, and I’m to blame.

All alone here I long to hold her,

But I just keep growing older.

In my mind I still hold her tight,

But there’s no way to make it right.

There’s all these things I could have told her,

And here I just keep growing older.

In my dreams she haunts me still,

But her vision in my waking eyes won’t fill.

What I would give to just behold her,

But still I just keep growing older.

From all my worrying and hesitating,

I now just keep growing older, waiting.