Life is full of moments that we cherish, and more are always ahead of us.  However, sometimes it seems that the moments we cherish become fewer and further between as we get older.

True or not, the opportunities to make great memories seem to be overshadowed by our adult responsibilities.  Sometimes those moments are even lost on account of some important thing or another that had to be done.  It’s disheartening.

All those chances to make new memories we had in our youth that we took advantage of, and now we often squander similar opportunities in favour of the safety of our routine, and the monotony of our daily lives.  Being an adult is a give and take relationship, if we are too tied into our routine it drags us down, but if we take a few chances and make a few memories along the way, they become greater and greater moments.

Many things have come and gone,

Flickering your taste for life off and on.

Giving you glimpses of the very best,

But to get that far, you must endure the rest.

There is much that lies in between.

Plenty of which you haven’t yet seen.

Experiences you must have to appreciate something right.

So when you find it, to keep it you’ll fight.

What lies ahead is even greater still,

The future holds your greatest thrill.

A life you had only thought you would find,

Full of happy moments that will blow your mind.

As long as you remember the best still lies ahead,

To every one of those moments you will be led.