What’s the harm in waiting?  A question I have asked myself on many an occasion.  Asked waiting on life to change, and waiting on things to go my way.

Always waiting and never acting.  Never taking control of my fate and making the necessary adjustments to get to where I want to be.  Always a believer in the grand scheme working out for me just because it should.

Patiently waiting on the changes that I know I am destined to see.  No desire to change to see them more presently.

I keep putting to words the things I desire,

But there words never seem to light my fire.

I wait continually for what I wish for,

But to get there, I won’t even cross the floor.

I just dream, and wish, and wait on fate,

Keeping track of what I want and how long I wait.

Counting the days, the months, and now the years,

Never taking a chance at overcoming my fears.

Afraid to hurt, I hope instead.

To me, something real will be led.

More and more reaching my desires is hope,

But with more heartbreak, I could not cope.

So I rely solely on some impossible twist of fate,

Hoping it arrives, because on it I wait.