The last few nights, it has been growing more difficult to sleep.  I swear I’m being watched or that something or someone is there with me in the early morning hours.

That uneasy feeling lets me find no rest in those hours.  Whether it is my imagination or something real I cannot tell, but it still grips me with concern for what happens when I close my eyes.

No rest I can find deep into the night;

Fixated on the slightest trace of light.

A perpetual glow from a crack in the curtain,

That it burned that crack, I am certain.

The constant hum of the walls keeps me awake.

Every louder noise makes the whole room quake.

A haunting feeling that I’m not here alone,

But it’s too far to reach for my phone.

Shadows waver in the light that shines,

Uneasy shivers prickle me with their tiny tines.

A desperate fear to me takes an infernal hold;

I’ve lost all the courage to do something bold.

I know something is here, I’m not just obsessed.

Until it leaves, I can get no rest.