No one is truly fearless, yet some seem to be.  Is there more to this or is it an anomaly?  I find it difficult to decide as I know what it is to go through the worst and lose certain fears.  However I still know fear and I would never claim to be fearless.

There are those who can keep it together for the public eye, but they are very different behind closed doors.  They hide their fear so well that only those who know them best are able to see it.  Others are oblivious to the danger, and live as if there is none present.  Some though show no signs of fear in any moment.  How do those people do it?

Some perceive this man as fearless,

But could it be something much less?

Could it be that he’s survived his greatest fear?

So now, to conquer any other, the path is clear.

Did he lose what he held dear, or face down deaths stare?

What did he conquer that made him so hard to scare?

With all the trouble of the world he must know,

It seems impossible that he could have no fear in tow.

Is it possible as well, that he is just a fool?

Too oblivious to worry, that he just seems cool.

Even a fool though must learn some fear,

But this man seems to have none, no matter what draws near.

Can he really be fearless or has he found something more?

Has he found a courage to heal what is tore?