Life changes like the seasons, there are the bright moments of summer and the fleeting moments of fall, the bleakness of winter and most importantly the new beginnings brought on by spring.

Those seasons can all seem to last a lifetime, or can seem so short it’s almost like they never happened.  They do not follow limits in life as they do in nature, there is no set time of year that the seasons begin to change.  We deal with life differently, so sometimes a summer lasts a few weeks, fall lasts for a month and winter lasts for a year.

Spring however is eternal, once new growth has begun it can grow on unhindered indefinitely if you let it.

Life withers into the mundane,

The unfortunate effect of a heart in pain.

Surrounded by dull clouds of grey.

The pieces of happiness, at the edges fray.

Disappearing little by little, into the unknown.

As the happiness goes, my heart becomes stone.

More grey to add to the other shades.

Hope of seeing colour again, slowly fades.

Leaving me with the misery of a constant dreary day,

But from the rain, new growth always finds a way.

Springing forth, slowly reaching for the sun.

Finding it shining brightly overhead, when the rain is done.

Bringing new life, and returning the colour.

Recovering to fill the world with new splendor.