Certain people and times in your lifetime can suck the life right out of you.  They leave you emotionless, beat up, and unable to feel anything real.

They take that passion you had and grind it up, killing your dreams and taking your zest for life.  No one can let that haunt them forever, but sometimes it sticks around a lot longer than it should.  Holding us back from our true potential.  Stunting our ability to grow and feel the way we know we can.

Those times and those people harden us against the world.  They give us strength even we can’t see.

When she said she loved him, it always felt right,

And the very thought of her kept him up all night.

To take her in, she was quite the sight,

But there was always something that wasn’t quite right.

Always something, as if she always held back.

Never giving him her all, keeping their connection slack.

It seemed with them there was an ever widening crack.

She constantly pulled herself further and further back.

Then all those days came, spent on his own.

All the nights without her, spent waiting for the phone.

A man left like that, his heart turning to stone,

From all that time spent waiting alone.

A heart of stone, all that now remains,

Blood of ice now coursing through his veins.