It can be incredible the things that we hold on to.  The things that have made us miserable for years, or have beaten us down so low with all the regret we feel over them, but yet we hold on.

Those pieces of our past that just seem to hold on no matter where we find ourselves in our lives.  Those pieces that seem to control our decisions, that alter our paths out of the fear of reliving the same failures.

No matter how far back we push them in our minds, or how we have scattered the very thought of them in our heads to avoid them popping back to mind.  They find their way back out.

Pieces of me scattered to the wind,

Each one, for all the times I’ve sinned.

Burnt bridges, I’ve left smoldering behind me,

Just for a taste of feeling more free.

Pieces of history, walked past in a hurry,

Slowly, they all become more and more blurry.

Faded memories, I’ve left all but forgotten,

To recall them leaves my mouth tasting rotten.

Pieces of a past, laden with plenty of regret,

Every turn, I see another that gets me caught in its net.

Bitter choices, I’ve left in the dust I’m trapped in,

Just to breathe among them, makes my head spin.

Pieces of all the mistakes I have made.

Pieces that surround me, and to be rid of them, I’m afraid.