A year.  Many days, many moments, many changes.

365 days of difference from where I was when I started something that I have seen to its end.  I vowed to myself a year ago today that I would write a poem every day for a year.  That vow has been seen through as of today.

Shortly after I started chasing this idea, I decided to start posting these poems here to keep me honest.  Although my motivation from then to now has changed countless times the fact that I made it means a lot to me.  It’s always worth it to see something through, especially when I faltered along the way, and still picked myself back up to continue writing.

In this short year I have been influenced by everything from music and nature to my desire for love and the emptiness of being alone, from sports and evening walks to my expectations of myself and my failures to act.  There lies many more influential moments and things in my future and I can’t wait to explore my feelings and vocabulary with each and every one.

Now I have passed a full turn,

But for more of this I still yearn.

I yearn to tell a more intriguing tale,

To let my imagination really take sail.

Reaching here, has me seeking even more,

More of what I know, but there’s many an unopened door.

I seek what still lies beyond my reach,

An inspiration for imagination that none can teach.

Something greater, for which I never thought to aspire,

A further step over what I thought to desire.

I dream of a story that is yet to be told,

To find a legacy to leave after I’ve grown old.

The legacy that lives past my last turn,

That is the tale for which I yearn.


Beyond what I have posted, there are other poems that I felt were too personal to post at the time I wrote them, or just didn’t follow along with a trend or theme I had been writing about at the time.  I do hope in the future I will share those with you all as well, but as long as I keep writing, I’ll keep posting what is most current.

I’m also dabbling with the idea of posting some different material on here as well.  Maybe a short story or two, or some bits and pieces of other projects I’m working on, and would love some feedback on this idea.

I also want to thank the various readers who have at times kept me going, reminding me that no matter what I’m writing, someone out there is paying attention.  Especially those of you who seem to read every post.