It’s heavy and solid, and quite difficult to break.  Broken now, it could never be pieced back together, but nothing could find its way in past the walls built up around it.

The only way in is to burn down the walls.  To start a fire that burns so hot it could melt even the densest rock.

After it has been pieced back together, it’s walls built up, a man’s heart can be like the coldest ice.  The only way to melt it again is to show it love more intense than it has ever known.

It takes something of intense heat.

Something that causes you to stagger on your feet.

A bit of magic, you could never see coming.

Some mysterious song that gets you humming.

It’s something strong you never expected.

Something so powerful, it couldn’t be predicted.

A storm that rolls in with a raging fury.

This strange sensation, that has you in a hurry.

It takes something like that to thaw out a heart,

After the many times it’s been torn apart.

When it’s that solid it must be melted.

You’d know the pain if you’ve ever felt it.

But when you find what it takes to melt stone,

You wonder how you ever got through alone.