There is a cure for almost every ailment out there.  Some trust in the herbal remedies that have carried on for generations, others in their doctors recommended pharmaceuticals, but there are remedies to heal you.

Some sicknesses are more difficult to treat than others, requiring rounds of therapy, or multiple medicines or remedies to cause the sickness to subside.

A select few are near impossible to heal.  Those require very specific remedies.  Ones that are extremely expensive, or extremely rare and difficult to find.

One of those still, has only one specific remedy.  A cure that the afflicted must find on their own.  That cure cannot be sought out, only stumbled upon.  It cannot be bought, only found.  It is the most difficult cure to find, for the most painful ailment to effect anyone.

No herb, no medicine, no remedy,

To heal this sickness that afflicts me.

Its symptoms so uniquely difficult to cure,

A devastating disease to be sure.

Gripping my heart in incomparable pain,

To think of something else is done in vain.

It pulls my mind along like it’s in dream.

An ailment that effects me as a whole, it does seem.

Aching in my bones at every waking hour,

To find myself in dream is just as sour.

Its hold on my soul seems unrelenting,

A virus like this, to be infected I’m resenting.

This plague, if cured of, I would not miss.

Just to find a remedy to heal this.