When two strangers eyes meet for the first time, there’s a moment of intrigue about to take place.  Intrigue from both as to why their eyes met, and intrigue enough to hold there for a moment before looking away.  Always, both of these strangers will look away fairly quickly, even if they let their eyes stay fixed there, they will look away.

What happens in their heads though?  That is the question that really matters.  If you knew what each of those two strangers were thinking, you could see exactly where that held glance could lead.

Across the bar I see her smile,

I hold my gaze for just a while.

She meets my eyes with the glow in hers.

A feeling inside of me lightly stirs.

Her gaze cuts deep, a gripping glare,

I cannot help but continue to stare.

She leaves me hanging with a wink,

Enough for me to consent to blink.

Admiring her for a few moments more,

I watch as she heads for the door.

She walks out and I let her go,

A lost opportunity again I know.

But what I’m looking for isn’t across the bar,

I’ll find her out there, she can’t be far.