Certain people will come into your life and make a great difference, but there is one person who will change it forever.  That person changes the game and makes life totally different.

Sometimes you find someone who always seems late,

But they’re the one who’s worth the wait.

They make you anxious, but it’s always a pleasure.

There’s something about them you can’t help but treasure.

They’re worth every moment spent in anticipation,

Just for one kiss or their loving indication.

A look is enough to last you for days,

But still to be without them can put you into a craze.

Their embrace a sure way to make your heart race.

Your love for them written all over your face.

Then there is their voice to you like the sweetest melody,

A soothing lullaby that is the perfect remedy.

That person is the one that you gladly give all of your soul.

Next to them is the place you always feel whole.