At a younger age the world seemed much different then it does now looking back.  There was this sense of entitlement that I felt, that I was owed something for accomplishing what I had from my teenage years into my mid-twenties.

I felt I was owed love for upholding being a decent guy through college, and not treating young women like objects.  So when someone said the words I wanted to hear I went with it.

I felt that I was owed a good job for keeping up my grades and graduating with a few pieces of paper to flash to the world.  So when I was offered a job that promised so much, I chased the opportunity.

What I didn’t realize back then was this; I had to keep working for the things I wanted if I really wanted them.

Now I work for new goals.  Sometimes I find more things to strive for, but I keep on working to reach my goals and then set new ones.  Something I wish I had learned before I grew up.  Back before life dealt a few blows and I realized opportunities had passed me by.  Back when all of what was to come was waiting for me still.

All those days that lie waiting ahead.

Millions of moments and words to be said.

The things that await to be accomplished,

To take the place of what’s been wished.

Yet youth grasps for more every day,

Never having enough, so they say.

Though for many they still wait on.

Not finding their way back to moments gone.

Envy for the things they wish to obtain,

Without knowing its through patience they’ll attain.

Those older that lacked it are left empty-handed.

For in their youth they also demanded.

Pity to be felt for the envious youth,

For they have much to experience before they’re long in the tooth.