How people meet has changed so much in the last ten years.  From actively speaking to people in public and leading what I would consider a normal social life, to searching online for the right person, and now to just saying yes or no to a picture by swiping it right or left respectively.

It’s a very different time in the world of finding love.  Though most of attraction is physical, there is much more to it.  There are plenty of people out there that are attractive in their own way, and that cannot be displayed in a mere picture or two and a snippet of information about them.  Some people must be met to discover them completely.

It seems that meeting people this way is based too much on physical attraction and not enough on what really matters.

In a time where we meet people by swiping right,

The idea of true love seems out of sight.

What we see on a screen cannot reveal,

What lies inside a heart, the things that are real.

What can a picture really show me?

The shape of her body and a face that is pretty?

Even that might not truly show,

You just trust the word of someone you don’t know.

A tiny description you may even occasionally read,

But that it is even the truth you just concede.

It barely tells you anything anyway,

Just enough to start conversation before you continue astray.

Still I continue to swipe left or right,

Though the future down this path doesn’t seem bright.