Good music always flows beautifully, pulling me into the emotions of the song.  Showing the writers experiences leading up to writing it in some way or another, revealing a little piece of them.

There are certain songs that are more descriptive, they captivate you from the opening notes.  They let you immerse yourself in the emotions of the lyrics, pull you through them and leaving you wanting more with every sing chord struck.  Those songs you hold in your heart for the rest of your life.

Still though I search for a more meaningful sound.  Something that never leaves me.  A song that haunts me because of how deeply personal it is.

I thirst for a certain sound,

A melody that can rarely be found.

It fills my ears with a certain happiness.

My ear drums, its tune does caress.

A certain sound that pulls me into a trance,

One that makes me want to dance.

It’s certain tune, silk in my ears.

For me the sound that melts all my fears.

This is a certain sound that cannot be replaced,

The notes of its song can’t be retraced.

A composition so certain, there can be only one.

When it is heard, the others you could shun.

Nothing can compete with a certain sound,

That is the voice of love that is found.