It is odd how our tastes in music change as we go through life.  Sometimes they stay the same, but become more and more specific, others they change entirely.

We focus on the sound we like based on the experiences in our lives and how that music speaks to us.  We shun music that touches our hearts sometimes because of anger or sadness, but embrace it in other times when we just need to let it all out.  Often we listen to different music in public then we do when we’re on our own, but all of it is the soundtrack to our lives.

It starts with something mellow, the calm before the storm.

Rising slowly into some song that makes your body warm.

Then comes a tide of excitement, aggressive and loud.

Vicious sounds of rebellious youth, the individuals crowd.

Finding your own beat, you begin to filter the sound.

Feeling the music, learning lyrics that now astound.

Discovering each verse and its hidden meaning.

The inspirational notes that to new goals have you careening.

There comes the voices of motivation, love and passion.

The genres and artists that suit to your fashion.

Chords that strike two hearts together.

Solo’s through the backgrounds of the storms you weather.

Then that epic track that tells your whole story.

Played loud in the fading days that return you to glory.