A lot of music has a way into your heart.  It can get it beating a little faster, squeeze it hard when you’re feeling sad, or make it lighter when things are going well.  It can give you a sensation you hadn’t known you could feel, and it can pull you back to memories that you thought were long forgotten.

There’s a certain song for every moment of your life, that can bring you back to the good times and the bad.  Those songs, albums and concerts that bring you back to the past, or you know they will one day soon, those are the tracks that really keep a hold on you.

Songs that reach you deep inside,

From the pain in every chord you cannot hide.

Lyrics that draw you down toward misery.

That’s some music with a memory.

The notes and words that pull you back.

Giving you the strength to put down the Jack.

Chords when strummed, tell a bit of you story.

That’s a piece of music with a memory.

A solemn note that touches your heart,

Showing you a new place to start.

A concert that inspires you to rewrite your history.

That’s a bit of music with a memory.

The album that opens your eyes to something.

Music with a memory, that changes everything.