Late a few nights ago there was a brief thunderstorm.  It was the first of the spring, or at least the first that I was able to witness this spring, and like the many storms I have witnessed before it, it was magnificent.

Lightning cracked and streaked the sky, thunder rolled and echoed in the night.  The rain came and went, briefly washing over the city and off into the dark.

It captivated me in the dead of night, keeping me awake anticipating the next flash, feeling the roll of the thunder, and listening to the rain making music on the windows and pavement outside.

Lightning streaks across the sky,

Each flash ignites and catches my eye.

Distraction from the empty darkness of this room.

A light that cuts through all the gloom.

Another flash and the rolling thunder,

In the dead of the night creating wonder.

Illuminating the world outside for a moment.

Showing images in the night without intent.

Crash after crash, the storm rolls in.

Closer now, I feel the static on my skin.

Thunderously booming now barely outside.

A display from which I could never hide.

It fades off into the distance losing light.

A long way off I see a flash in the night.