The first opportunity that I get to play a round of golf signals something to me.  It is the first real sign of Spring, and the beginning of a season that I think about all winter, golf season.

The first round this year was cool and damp, it felt like it would snow all morning.  The group I was with were practically the only ones playing, which gave us the freedom to be bad without concern.  The freedom to just play and learn the lessons from every bad shot.

This all came after the great feeling that started the day, setting the tone for the entire golf season.

The soft feel of the grass beneath my feet,

As I step to the tee and try to calm my heartbeat.

Anxiously I’ve awaited this all winter long.

To get out on the course where I belong.

Setting my feet, down the fairway I glance,

Carefully adjusting and settling into my stance.

The air damp and cold, not the ideal weather.

My hands feel the cold through these gloves of thin leather.

But a stiff breeze blows at my back,

Bolstering my chances of reaching the green I attack.

Drawing my club back into my swing,

And following through, from the club head, I see the ball spring.

Tracking quickly down the center of the fairway.

The opening drive, hit the right way.