A little sunshine this morning after what seemed to be weeks of rain (only a few days really).  It’s odd how being spoiled with good weather for a few days changes your perspective about the rain.

Normally I love the rain, I enjoy being inside taking in the storm, or being outside playing in the puddles like I’m still a child.  It’s nice to have a day in once in a while and the rain is always a pleasant excuse, but when I’ve had this itch all winter to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, the rain just doesn’t want to stop.

The rain just keeps on falling,

Like the voice that keeps calling.

Calling for the sun to shine again,

Because the days always feel better then.

The drops still continue to pour down,

In this perpetual storm, I’ll likely drown.

Drown in the puddles of this driving rain,

Because all of this bleak greyness is driving me insane.

The flood never seems to stop,

There’s more ahead in every drop.

Drops that hold down the suns needed light,

Without it the days seem no different than night.

This driving rain, has kept falling for days,

Drowning the light from the suns rays.