I have always enjoyed hearing the unique perspectives of others about everything from the mundane day-to-day stuff, to the exciting possibilities that life always holds.  There are so many interesting viewpoints out there, and you never know what can be learned by listening to or reading about them.

I actively listen to the ideas of others about whatever I’m thinking or doing.  Interested in seeing if those perspectives can fix the problems I’m running into or even if they just make my own perspective more concrete.

Looking at things from a different view,

It’s easy to find something new.

Just a change of angle on the same old same,

To see something you never before could name.

A fresh set of eyes with no expectations,

Will find differences from previous anticipations.

Showing you pieces of something you have never seen.

Even changing your ideas of what things mean.

Amazing what can be found in a different perspective,

Sometimes swaying the ideas of which you were once protective.

Changing attitudes and altering perception.

Blurring the views held since an ideas inception.

A different perspective can alter everything.

It’s the reason you always put fresh eyes to something.