It’s quite easy to pick out a far off glow in the dark of night, the darker it is the easier it is to see those lights.  They glow off in the night showing you where to go, and calling out to you through the dark to come and find them.

Let the darkness set in.  Let it surround you and make it hard to see anything but the light that lies off in the distance.  In that darkness, the brightest lights are the easiest to see and the lights that still shine that late into the night are the ones that are worth tracking down.

After the darkness the lights shine so bright,

Even the faintest, seen far off into the night.

Quite quickly after dark they become more visible.

Suddenly each distant light, much more noticeable.

After dark the light shines more beautifully,

Making it so it can be appreciated more fully.

More apparent the ones with the brightest glow.

Calling you on, to where you want to go.

From the dark of night they lead you away.

Pulling you back from what’s taken you astray.

The lights that are bright in the darkest hour,

Reaching out to you, with their great power.

What awaits you is incredible after the dark.

The lights ahead, already producing a spark.