Have you ever looked at someone else and wondered “How is that person having so much go their way in life, and I’m stuck here?”  Have you followed that up thinking that person was a bit self-absorbed or had a bit of an attitude?

It’s odd to me, being someone who was raised to be courteous and polite, and to treat everyone with respect, seeing people who have a very different attitude, taking more out of life than others.  It makes me wonder if there is a benefit to adopting some of this attitude in my own life.

They have different ideas of how to treat someone.

Overlooking all others to treat themselves as number one.

They never give someone more time than is necessary.

Much more absorbed in themselves, it’s often scary.

They don’t hold doors or even act polite.

Every move they make seems done with spite.

They live for themselves and no other.

To give a piece of themselves would be a bother.

They have this attitude of telling the world where to go.

In it for themselves only, there’s something they must know.

They survive better than most do out there.

Living as if they are owed a certain share.

I’m told that acting that way has a certain perk,

So now I’m learning the etiquette of a jerk.