No matter how hard I try to change, the one thing that is ingrained in my head is to be courteous and respectful of those around me.  I never want to lose that anyway, but I laugh at myself sometimes when I catch myself going out of my way, or waiting an extra few seconds to hold the door for someone else.

It’s hard to drop the little things that people rarely recognize, and often come to expect from you.  They are all things that I often don’t expect to be thanked for, and mostly have come to realize that I rarely will anyway.  I often feel that someone saying thank you, is only done if they felt like they needed the help, and when you’re just being nice everyone thinks you’re a weirdo.

As if being a good person anymore, is a shout out to the world that you’re a terrible person underneath.

I still pay people daily compliments,

And occasionally hand out my spare cents.

I hold doors for anyone and everyone,

And rarely hesitate to help out someone.

I tip a little extra, just for the sake of it,

And get up so someone else has a place to sit.

I’ll go out of my way to help someone out,

And will often give people the benefit of the doubt.

I don’t mind being a shoulder on which to lean,

And will stand up against those who are being mean.

I care when I don’t need to,

And give when I don’t have to.

These nice guy tendencies were always taught to me,

What they get me is praise I’ll never see.