Just that rusty bit of wire and some old steel posts that you could probably pull out of the ground.  That is the difference between this side and that.

This side holds your life, your daily existence.  It has you tied to your work and keeps you occupied with your responsibilities.  It is very different from what you can see just past that meager barrier.

That side holds freedom, wide open space.  It gives endless adventure and new places to explore.  It is a whole new world, waiting for you to cross the fence and take all it has to offer in.

A pitiful fence, all that blocks the way;

Holding me back from being at play.

All that lies beyond it, I can still see.

The fields and forest are calling to me.

I see the endless green expanse of nature,

And can smell the air that holds the cure.

It sits right there, just beyond this rusting steel.

So close that the beauty of it, I can feel.

All it would take is for me to jump it, or climb,

And I would be out there, without a thought of time.

Running free across those fields of green,

Trekking off to get lost, if you know what I mean.

Still, here I stand on this side of the fence.

That I won’t cross it, seems sheer nonsense.