With the recent flooding along the banks of the Ottawa River the river itself has grown into backyards and basements, flooding out streets and residents along its shores.  It is a terrible reality of living along the river, but it also reminds us all of the sheer power of nature.

Sometimes there is nothing out there that can hold it back.  In this case the snow of the winter, and the rains we have seen this spring have brought out a ferocious flow of water from Northern Ontario and Quebec, flooding out areas on both sides of the river.

Pictured above is the Blakeney Rapids along the Mississippi River, a tributary to the Ottawa river.  Normally it’s a much gentler flow, but with the snow and rain of this past winter and spring it has become a force of nature.

The river rages, flowing over its sides,

Where it flows, only the water decides.

Crashing over rocks and off through the trees,

Nothing left to hold it, it goes where it may please.

The river rages, flooding the landscape,

Cresting its banks a new river takes shape.

Carving out its shores growing ever wider,

And branching out like the legs of a spider.

The river rages, drowning all in its path,

Rushing rapidly, spring unleashes its wrath.

Washing away all that stands in its way,

Engulfing everything in its waves and pulling it away.

Where the river rages to, only one way to know;

Getting washed away with it, following its flow.


The rivers are now receding, but the water is still high. It may be high well into late spring, and those that have been displaced may be still struggling with the recovery long after that.

Those who want to donate clothing, household items and furniture to flood victims can do so at Salvation Army thrift stores. Donated items will not be sold. The city says those in need will receive vouchers they can use to retrieve donated items.

The Red Cross is also accepting donations. To contribute, connect with a local office or call 1-800-418-1111 for more information.