I wish I could have captured the picture of what inspired this poem.

I was driving down an old bumpy dirt road, and in this one spot both sides of the road were closely lined with densely packed cedars.  So dense I could not see what was on the other side of them.  Even the air there felt thicker, and outside of the sound of my truck on the gravel, all I could hear were the sounds I would expect deep in the forest.

Either side of me lined with the green of the forests walls.

In the air I can hear the songbirds calls.

Natures scent on the breeze entices my nose,

And her soft dirt floor is heaven under my toes.

There is a sense of the freedom all around me,

Immaculate landscape as far as I can see.

Anyone could come here, and hope only to get lost.

Into any corner, I would gladly be tossed.

To find myself even more imbedded in this natural scene.

Turned even further around in a space so pristine.

Losing myself amongst this vast maze of trees,

Following the flow of the river or direction of the breeze.

Go until I’m surrounded by something out here I’ve never known.

Until I’m eclipsed by pieces of nature no one could ever own.