Although we rarely say it sometimes, we as children need our mothers more than most people in our lives, and often more than anyone else.  Mom is the one that was there for us when we scraped a knee, or had our heart-broken for the first time.  She helps us out when we need something and can go to no one else, and when we just don’t know who to ask something, she answers the question before we even say it.

A mother is a special person, she comes with a special intuition that a father, brother, sister or friend just doesn’t have, or if they did, they wouldn’t know how to help.  Mom though, she steps in and steps up, treating it like second nature to help you find a way to figure it out.  She treats it like her second job.

A mothers job, it never ends;

It cannot be passed to family and friends.

She’ll always be needed by daughter or son.

When it comes to mom, there’s only one.

Her advice is needed, though not always taken,

For sometimes it’s best for us to be mistaken.

Learning that often, what she taught us is gold,

Words we can live by, even after we grow old.

Her job is to guide us, set us in the right way.

She shows us through guidance, and lessons, and play.

Sometimes we learn slowly, and those lessons aren’t through,

But even when we learn them, we still need her advice too.

She cares, she comforts, she’s gentle and stern.

All to help prepare us for when it’s our turn.