The reflection of the world can take on its own image.  The surface that captures it adding its own colour and texture to the reflection to show you a different look that the world could take on.

Usually on a calm body of water on a clear day, that image would be a near perfect mirror of what stands above it, but sometimes what lines its shores blots out too much of the sun.  Sometimes that calm pool is so dark in itself that the reflection takes on the image of a much darker scene.

A murky reflection of what lies beyond,

Captured in the stillness of a dark empty pond.

An image of that world in a different light.

A midday scene painted into the dark of night.

The dark greens fade, casting themselves in black,

Other colours dim, until any brightness they lack.

In its reflection, the forest seems a scary place.

This murky pool shows it has a different face.

Some light gets through to border this darkened scene,

Highlighting the pools edges with some brighter green.

Then out of the murk, the forest takes back its natural state.

Its colours far brighter, even under a sky of slate.

Still its reflection shows how haunting it could be.

That murky sight of a dark forest I wish not to see.