I always wonder what lies beyond a grove of trees, or even what lies within acres of forest.  Whenever I see a place that looks as if it hasn’t been fully explored, I yearn to find the secrets that it holds.

A stretch of trees without a path leading in or out, seems to call out to passers-by.  It needs to be explored just as much as I want to explore it.  Yet I still pass it by, saying to myself “maybe next time.”

Next time might be too late.  By then another adventurer may have explored it and found all the intriguing secrets it holds.  By next time it might be a forest full of pre-carved trails.

No trail that leads off through the trees;

That just means I can go where I please.

Nothing to guide me, no man-made restrictions.

Just my feet beneath me and my minds constrictions.

So off through the trees I merrily wander;

To see what lies past the pines over yonder.

Carving my own trail in the maze of this forest.

Stepping wherever I feel, for my feet know best.

Pushing past all the low hanging limbs;

Forcing myself through places where my passage slims.

Losing myself far into the deep of the wood;

Hiking further in then maybe I should.

Off through the trees I step, to get myself lost,

For an escape from this world, has no finite cost.