The things that await us off in the distance are often things we cannot see.  They may hold opportunity for adventure or space to relax, but until we go find them we will never know what they hold.

A little bit of time and distance is all that needs to be covered, and those unseen opportunities are within our grasp.

The places we choose to be are just point B, and the best way to get there from point A is to start moving toward point B.  Sure there may be a few detours to get past certain obstacles, but ultimately if we keep our minds set on our destination nothing can prevent us from getting there.

Beyond that barren field, lies a raging river,

With water so cold, their touch would cause a shiver.

Flowing with all its might toward a greater stream,

So full of water that its banks teem.

Beyond that river, lies those hills in the distance,

But to reach them, one must cross this resistance.

They loom large over the opposite shore,

Rising up from this raging rivers floor.

Beyond those hills, more rivers and lakes,

And the enjoyment to be had, whatever one makes.

As the distant mountains finally come into view,

The adventures to be had are never too few.

What I can’t see beyond this field, is where adventure takes shape;

With lakes and rivers, hills and mountains, it’s the perfect escape.