If you follow the flow of a rivers current, where does it take you?  Will you find more beautiful places further downstream, or a new adventure around the next bend?

You will never know unless you put off from the shore and let the current carry you away.  Down there somewhere you might find a stretch of shore that hasn’t been stepped on in years, or a hidden meadow that is teeming with life.  Every bend in the river could bring you to another piece of paradise that has been calling for an adventurer for to long.

Letting the rivers current carry me,

Floating downstream gentle and free.

Soaking up the sun, under a sky so blue,

Every inch I move, just taking in the view.

Spotting faces in the clouds floating overhead,

As the current pulls me wherever I’m being led.

The trees on the shore slowly pass me by,

And the sky is full of birds that gracefully fly.

Riding this subtle current, drifting away,

On down this stream to see what’s at play.

Following the bends to discover every inch of its flow;

Enjoying the rivers tranquility, taking it slow.

Letting its water lightly pull me downstream;

Taking it all in, this live action dream.