The skyline outside of the city can seemingly go on forever in every direction; Fields and forests dotted with hills and lakes, and slashed with streams, rivers and roads that disappear off over the horizon.

Around every bend lies more opportunity to see the wildlife of the area;  A marsh filled with singing birds fluttering about, low-lying groves hold deer hiding from the world, and farms with acres of cattle, horses and sheep.

A stroll through the countryside always leaves one surrounded with a view.  With places to look up and enjoy along the skyline everywhere you go.

Rolling fields of gold and green,

Bordered with dusty roads in between.

Far off walls, the tree lines of forests.

Spotted here and there with hilly crests.

A ceiling of blue with puffs of cloud;

The trickling stream the closest thing to loud.

Miles of countryside open and free,

No civilization as far as the eye can see.

The country skyline a pretty sight, day or night;

A beautiful image of life in any light.

Stretching far into the horizon in every direction.

Of natures beauty it is quite the collection.

Everything in life seems to be just fine,

When in sight of a stretching country skyline.