The ground in a wooded area is less than majestic.  Rocks and dirt, rotting leaves and felled trees, but look again.

Really look deeply at it as you stop to catch your breath on a hike, or stop in the shade to enjoy a picnic.  Notice how the grass is matted down, how the sun shines through into little open spaces filled with new growth, and how the forest comes alive over your head when you’re silent.

A forest floor is filled with clues to the more exciting parts of nature that are in the area.  What animals have rested there and what the future of the forest holds.  So really look at it, see what you can see in the rocks and dirt of the forest floor.

The sun gleams through the leaves overhead,

Warming the forest floor like a cozy bed.

Saplings poke up through the decaying leaves;

Stealing rays of sunshine like desperate thieves.

Matted down brush left by resting deer,

But for all I stare, they do not reappear.

Signs of life marked all over the dirt,

And overhead through the trees the birds flirt.

Old punky logs lay over the dirt and rocks,

Felled between livelier trees stalks.

Sprouting with greens from maples and birch,

Over the forest floor they now lurch.

Shaded, but warm, the ground in this wood;

To claim my piece of the forest floor, I wish I could.