This past weekend my brother and I climbed up to the roof of his house.  He lives with his family on the top of a well forested hill, and from his roof you can see a long way in every direction.  The trees camouflage his neighbours houses making them nearly invisible in the foliage.

I have had a few opportunities in my life to glimpse the world from a very high place.  Every time the result is the same.

Taking in the beauty of the space below your feet, between you and the even more distant horizon.  All the things that look normal from ground level, but from up there you can appreciate how their beauty fits with the world that surrounds them.

Up here, there seems to be much more to see;

On a clearer day, maybe I could even see the sea.

The world stretches further in every direction,

Every view a little different upon inspection.

The horizon seems to be even further away,

Showing off forest, farms and mountains in the light of day.

Tops of trees for miles, seem to be within reach,

And a sunset from here could leave me without speech.

The view from the top in one to inspire,

Providing a glimpse of the world, and leaving more to desire;

For the further I see, the more there is to view,

Leaving me longing for even more things to do.

This view from the top, was not so easily earned,

Just a reward for a great many lessons learned.