Watching the sun drop into the horizon is often a source of inspiration.  It provides beautiful photographs, makes excellent paintings, and is the ideal scene for many of the romantics out there.

I have always enjoyed a good sunset, and I find every one of them unique in their own right.  They all provide a different splash of colour, or a different kick of inspiration to write something.

Whatever dusk brings in its final moments, there is much to be found daily, in the last moments of light.

Brush strokes of colour paint the dusk sky,

Each unique shade of light catches the eye;

Pulling them to the horizon as the day slowly fades,

Captivating the senses with the days final shades.

Burning reds, oranges and yellows, engulf the horizon in flame.

Darker shades of blue and purple provide the scene with a frame.

The sky darkens, but the horizon seems brighter,

Adeptly smothering that luminescent lighter.

The colours fade, as the sky turn to dark;

Slowly revealing night, and each stars spark.

As the last colour of sunlight fades in the distance,

Night seems to take over in a mere instant.

These last moments of light, fade to pinholes in the night;

Revealing that there are never last moments of light.