After being teased with a beautiful sunny weekend, the rain begins.  It does a great amount of needed work each spring, and I know that we all couldn’t live without it.

The rain leads to spring days tucked inside with a good book and a warm drink, a movie and popcorn, or an extensive use of imagination in creating some fun for how to spend the day.  It also leads to many of the natural sights that we see every day, nurturing the life that we see in full bloom on a sunny day.

Just a few days of sun however can make you want more, leaving the thought of a few rainy days to make you wish you had just another day to bask in the sun.

The rain brings forth a little more greenery;

Every day adding a bit more to the scenery.

Falling on hills and valleys bringing out new growth,

Allowing life to spring forth, in forest and meadow both.

The rain brings out the colours of spring;

Every week blooming a lovely new something.

Watering fields and gardens for each to grow,

Giving the foundation for what each crop will show.

The rain brings a clean canvas for nature to paint;

Washing away the dirt until it is faint.

Cleansing the earth for the next sunny day.

Rinsing yesterdays scene gently away.

The rain brings new life with every drop,

But still I can’t wait for it to stop.